Wednesday, January 21, 2009

EPL:Showbiz's biggest Show-off

The current talks about AC Milan and Brazilian midfielder Kaka move to Manchester City has shocked everyone in the football world due to the money that was put on the table.Good thing that the deal was finally called after a week of tabloid feeds and much fiasco.Why such a amount of money was paid for a single player does not only make footballing sense but also business sense.First of all the money that was involved was a record 247 million pounds.With a weekly salary touching astronomical figures.Everybody criticissed the deal from Arsene Wenger to many other football pundits.
Even some of the die hard Man-city fans were disappointed with the deal .They had already brought in Robinho,they hadcalled backSeanWright Philips,what more do they want.Yes Kaka is a class player,but splashing this kind of money is prepostrous.First of all is a team game,yes invidual brilliance does matter in big games,but still coordianted movement between different players to achieve a common goal of scoring a goal .Even after bringing some really big names Man City are still in the bottom half of the table.Kaka cannot single handedly win you matches yes he may provide Robinho with all important delivery but still you need a collection of good players to support him.
This might just bring the inherent evil of capitalism to fore in the beautiful game.Already businessmen are on a spending spree in which any and every player have been snatched by clubs like they are off the shelf items in a supermarket.Just when the fans of one start idolize their favourite player,next week he might be playing for the rival team for a huge amount of money.Lucrative sponsorship deals from top notch companies are also a major factor in the poaching of the big names.This might trigger a cascading effect in the footballing world and we would have businessmen buying and selling clubs at their will destroying the spirit of the game.Yes money and the glamour quotient is necassary for he sustainance in this world of NFLs and NBAs,but proper and ethical business practices must be carried out so as to not destroy the the passion and the trust that people have for thier clubs.
Moreover it is not always the case that big deals and takeover always is good for the team as we see in case of Man city.Moreover a company cannot be always be trusted by the amount it is investing.For example Machester United's sponsorship deal with the American insurance deal has run into trouble after AIG's fall due to the recent recession.Anyways we can only dare to hope this show-off and soccer becomes just a game of putting that damn ball into the net

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