Saturday, September 1, 2012

WAGON R: Ad Review

This latest Wagon R TVC features Madhavan and the Roadies brothers in a 45 second ad. It may not be the  greatest of the TVC that you have ever seen nor is it a creative hot pot. It is actually a run-of-the-mill TVC with nothing much to give. 
However despite its tried and tested formula, it has lots to offer. The first good thing that I noticed in this ad, is that it actually shows the product. Recently I have come across many TV ads which actually don't show the product especially car ads. Gone are the days when Car ads boasted of engine capacity, fuel injection leather seats, mileage and colour. Today its all about the mountains, hills, models, actors, jobs etc. for a Car ad.

Refreshingly this ad shows the product. Another good thing is the choice of the ambassador to promote the product. Wagon R has already made its name as a family car replacing Hyundai Santro especially in the mid-income segment. You go to any Tier 2 city of India and you will find a Wagon R in almost every home. 

Through this TVC it has actually tried to break this notion. It doesn't believe in the old adage of Focus it actually wants to increase its customer base by targeting young executives and professionals who value their status. It is targeting 27-30 year olds who have a good deal of disposable income at their side and wouldn't mind shelling a few extra bucks for the comfort of a car.

Storyboarding is pretty simple, dialogues pathetic but again the admen for this TVC are pretty clear with what they want to achieve through this commercial. However lack of creativity has made it a bit dull. Hence as a reviewer I would rate it at 3 out of 5.
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