Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Shoot has been one of the overused words in recent history. It basically means killing something with a bloody shotgun. But in a more sophisticated manner it means TO CONVEY YOUR IDEAS. People like to use it anywhere and everywhere. Silly words like this really are being used to simply reinforce the fact that the person using these words is a cool guy. This is the Americanisation of the language. Yes it is good but sometimes we use it so much that it really makes no sense of the word.

For example

You have an idea then shoot it. ( should I convey the idea or really shoot it)

You want to shoot something? Okay go ahead and shoot it. ( Please take care it is not an endagered species)

Shoot whatever you want but shoot it real fast. ( I can't shoot it any faster because the gun has a bullet released/trigger pressed of 2. Maybe I could use two guns)

Sometimes poeple like to combine one silly word with another just for the fun for it.

For example

Shoot the shit out of your mouth. ( Hey I can shit only from one place)

Shoot yourself if you can't shoot better than this. (Where is the gun I want to end here and now, Thank you cruel world for making me do this)

Shoot what you can hit. ( here shoot and hit both mean the same thing, Research is still is going on about this phrase)

You can shoot whatever you like but it ain't hitting me. (Yeah I need to improve my static target hitting skills)

Don't shoot in the dark( you might reduce the tiger's population to 1410)

Shooting ain't your game. ( Yeah I think blowing buildings off is more to my like it)

Shoot one more thing and I am literally shooting you. ( Oh yeah try me, I have mastered moving target hitting)


Second string

Second String Second String

Does it sound any ring

we are the second strings

We remain on the fringes

We play like hell

We work like hell

But still remain second

why leave us out being reckoned.

We may be second, but are second to none,

We are bloody workers we won't rest till the work is done,

Then why this prejudice

Why this injustice

To the people who remain second string

First team falters, are given chances,

We falter are thrown dirty glances,

What need we do to become the first team

Why are they played even though they lose steam,

Why risk losing

It is better than taking a shot at winning

We are firebred, we are baptised by fire

Still why being neglected to hire

Why do all first teamers have to be the second stringers first

Why can't people see the second stringers thirst,

All said and done I hope I don't

Get lost in the oblivion as a second stringer.
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