Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Second string

Second String Second String

Does it sound any ring

we are the second strings

We remain on the fringes

We play like hell

We work like hell

But still remain second

why leave us out being reckoned.

We may be second, but are second to none,

We are bloody workers we won't rest till the work is done,

Then why this prejudice

Why this injustice

To the people who remain second string

First team falters, are given chances,

We falter are thrown dirty glances,

What need we do to become the first team

Why are they played even though they lose steam,

Why risk losing

It is better than taking a shot at winning

We are firebred, we are baptised by fire

Still why being neglected to hire

Why do all first teamers have to be the second stringers first

Why can't people see the second stringers thirst,

All said and done I hope I don't

Get lost in the oblivion as a second stringer.


  1. yeah but my post doesnt give a feel of me being a software engg


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