Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The End of Bushisms

The recent inaugral ceremony of Barack Obama with a security of about 30 million dollars suggests one thing that we are seeing the end of one of the darkest chapters of America which took many to Chapter 11(bankruptcy Ofcourse!).But is this really the end,was Bush's Republican administration the darkest chapters in America's history?.That only time will tell.

However one can't help but notice his few antics that he did to keep us entertained.His famous wink to Queen Elizabeth,his note to Rice for going topee,his relaxing at his own personal ranch when his country needed him the most.All these could still be entertained but there are somethings that just couldnt be erased from an American's memory.The first of those is his famous take on global terror.His tryst with Saddam was a search for oil or reopening of his father's old wounds,only he knows.One can only say that his deployment of U.S.forces in Iraq was a mistake which is yet to be corrected.It crippled the very foundation of American economy.He inherited from Clinton a budget that was in surplus which through his boisterous policies brought it into deficit.Even today he stands by his policies like a man hanging onto his life while in coma.

This brings us to the question if he was so bad for the first term why was he reelected for the second time.Actually it was the situation that he took advantage of.During the second term Al Gore was pitched to replace Bush but for the 9/11 attacks.Bush played his cards right at the last moment.He knew people had panicked and for them more than boosting economy was security.For the first time in their lives they had someone who had forced through the fortress of America and escaped.And Bush taking this into account promised them security and this swung the votes into his favour.

Now the problem with Bush was keeping with his promise.And the first thing on his agenda was hunting down of the master mind :Osama.Hence his war against global terror began and this is when as they the wheels started coming off.Besides he started tax cuts which were good at first but only gave rise to disaster waiting to happen.His housing loan policies and extremely low mortgage rates led to defaulting of many a clients which led to a washout of the country's liquidity.And this was beginning of the recession that we see.And the end of Bush's era.However from India's point of view he had the 123 Nuclear policy which it could use to good effect.Bush had created a bubble which was eady to burst and there was noone but himself to blame

What happens from here is completely upon Obama.He has in his team Hilary Clinton who is Secretary of State and there are others who are completely capable to pull America out of this mess created by Bush.But will they be able to execute it properly only time will tell.So for now we can only wait and watch.

P.S. :-The word Bushism has been inducted into the oxford English dictionary.

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  1. kuch naya likhta - everybody rites the same thing about bush!


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