Thursday, April 28, 2011


Beauty lies…
It lies in the sound of thrash metal, the eeriness of Gothic rock, the clanging of metal heads, the burst of drums, the feast of eardrums.
Lies in the mesemerising Messi, appearing busy,
Lies in Einstein’s grey matter, also in dark matter
The composition of an orchestra,
 The smoke of a Cuban Cigar,
Flicks  through midwicket, swings on  a deadwicket, voice of a buried cricket,
Poetry of Milton, Motion of wordsworth
Clattering keyboards,
Dead ducks,
Highness of royalty, rock bottom poverty,
Greatness achieved, chances missed, success surpassed,
Creative bursts, unleashed Thrusts,
frustrations released, concentrations fixed,
Flight of a bird,
Logic absurd,
Throwing up, getting up, Dusting down, Racing through,
Dreaming on, On Song
Lonely crowds, Blistering sounds, Rabid hounds,
Creeping fears, Nearing shadows,
Longer days, Lengthier nights,
Fighting haze & Dying dazed.

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