Friday, December 10, 2010


Let me live Ricky, I have better things to do than spinnin leather...
How lame can Australians get. After using all the gimmicks like psychological mind games, media warfare, parking lot brawls and a host of other things that I am unaware of due to my lack of interest in Australian politics. The Australians have tried pulling another trick from Ricky's guide to lame tricks. They have tried calling back Warne to counter England. How poor can this get.

Of course this is not the Australian Cricket Board, but the general mass who are trying to bring the legend back. They even have started a website by the name, where in they collect petitions to bring back Warne. Australians who drop players like Symonds on basis of binge drinking will not be entertained by such public outcry.

I think Australian mass is much like its cricket captain who when nothing works go to Warne. Its like talking on a local train.
Australian 1: Hey we got whipped by England
Australian 2: What the hell we do mate
Aussie 1: Hey bring back Warne
Aussie 3: I am starting a website, 4 will do outdoor, 5 will go for digital etc. Lets crowd the webspace with this. Hooray nothing can stop us from regaining the Ashes once Warne is back.
Aussie 6: Hey lets bring on McGrath too.
Aussie 8 : Hey great idea lets bring Lee and Gillespie too. One is out injured and other is a commentator on Channel 9.
Aussie 1: Hey why don't bring Lillee and Thomo back, they are much better than Lee and Gillespie.
Aussie 10: Tell you what Ricky's captaincy sucks lets bring Ian Chappell back, heard he has written a book on Captaincy.
Aussie 9: No can do that mate, he is pretty sore from the punch he got from Mr. BEEFY.
Aussie 10: Ok Bring on Steve Waugh the ice man.
Aussie 11: Hey what's Watson doing opening lets bring back Sir Don......

And the story goes on...

But the important thing is Australian cricket team has an uphill task ahead, they have taken a good step by bring Mitch back and dropping North, Lets see what happens. Coz anything can happen over an URN..

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