Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thinking to take a weekday off .Think again you can kill yourself if you do so.
5 things to consider before you spend your week day at home.

1. The ringing door bell of the milkman, the school bell if you live near to a school, the early morning train if you live near a station all this are major contributors to disturb your sleep in which case you actually are looking for sleeping that extra two hours.

2. Try talking to your neighbours , they will all be mostly retired oldies who hunt people to bore them out of their skins.

3. Try Star Cricket, it will make you watch an entire test match not even an ODI. By entire I mean the full bloody 90 overs and it literally stretches over five days.

4. Try flipping music channels, it will be full of realty show who will make you watch that stuff even it you don’t want to.

5. Try getting online at this time of the day, the whole world is online your broadband will work like a 280 year old sea turtle

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