Friday, January 8, 2010


10 things I want from 2010

1. No matches between India and Sri lanka.

2. Jayasuriya should retire this time around.

3. No more lame tricks by Microsoft to beat Google in its market share.

4. End of debate whether India is in a recession was in a recession or is it a temporary correction or a long time depression.

5. Sensex predictors targeting 20k every now and then and as usual tanking every time the predictions are made.

6. End of the roadies journey, man they are stretching it like a soap opera.

7. Some less coverage by economic times of IIM-A , its acting like a bloody IIM A newsletter.

8. No more acquisitions by Indian cos just to show power.

9. No more poor jokes on menhgi dal, sabzi, shakkar, doodh , pani ka pouch etc etc. In short nothing about foodflation.

10. More and better posts from me.


  1. I am looking forward to the last one!!

    Although I hate cricket.

    And you cant make it into the share market unless you are part of hedge fund!!

  2. nice 10 list - india-sri lanka matches have become a big bore and they have pulled bangladesh too this time


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