Thursday, July 23, 2009


MTV as of sorts is in the race of breaking records. No it is not competing for the most watched channel on the Indian television but it is aiming to be the biggest churner of reality shows of late. I think it has taken the path that is being currently run by the Bollywood films of producing over 300 non-sensical crap movies within a year and then selecting the best among the crappiest and sending that to the Oscars and praying Indian ishtyle thinking yes we can win this time too. But sorry folks we need to do better.

Coming back to MTV a channel which has transformed the culture of many a countries has now been bitten up by the reality show bug. If you see right from Roadies 1 now to Roadies 6, then you have Splitsvilla then you have “the fast and the gorgeous” then the teen diva , all with shitty sequels, then you have the latest “connected” . Then you have the “Stunt Mania” ,” the Rock Band’ and you are left to wonder how rich is Rann vijay. If you see none of the shows have that high TRPs but you still have contestants crying spilling beans washing dirty linen and all that kind of stuff on national television. You are then wondering how does MTV get all these samples. Is there a biological laboratory with MTV samples written on it that produces such things.

First of all the Roadies is still the most watched show on MTV. But if you see it has become repititve with Raghu trying to do the unexpected but even a kid knows what he is going to do next. And yeah we donot need Airtel digital to know who would be eliminated next. With Raghu trying to play mind games with the contestants but he ends up mind boggling our minds. Three seasons for any show is enough (except if it’s the Simpsons) otherwise what ‘s the point in dragging a show just so that you could give your unemployed brother , Rann Vijay and Nikhil Chinappa some work. Then you the latest game show that is Connected , where everything happens twice I think they should even air it twice show advertisements twice because no one is going to sponsor them. It lacks quality and content. You have contestants doing some silly tricks and the only requisite is that his partner should do it in the same way. That is MTV ‘s way of determining how connected two people are. Move away all astrologers and HR executives because MTV is the man. If there is sequel to this show it should be called Connected 4 because the first one happened twice ( got the logic ) I think a hollywood script writer and Mahesh Bhatt should be on this show because strangely their stories match they are the most connected.

Then you have Splitsvilla a show where love is war. You have contestants trying to prove who is the dumbest among them all. The first show had such poor TRPS that instead of four winners the winners had been narrowed down to two and even the prizemoney was halved. Moreover the airtime that the winners got on MTV even that flopped due to poorly managed content .They really think that we audience are really dumb. Then we had teen diva who nobody watched and nobody could watch.

Fast and the Gorgeous a show which selects the pit girls for the Team Force India is another such futile attempt . It is quite similar to the one adjudged by Ganguly to select the cheer leader for the KKR. Sadly KKR were so poor in the IPL that the cheerleaders started to cheer other teams like Indian politics. Similarly our Force India team is so poor with Adrian Sutil and Fischella that during the race the force India team doesnot get that much airtime leave alone the pit girls. You have a force India car either crashing and burning or reaching the finishing line when all the other drivers have reached home.

Not learning from all these MTV has started yet again brought Stunt Mania .God knows who will watch this when all have YOutube. Anyways whatever might be the case I think one thing is for sure the MTV Tickr is going to be voted the most watched tickr in history because of such shows it is getting food for its tickr even when you don’t have a Jacky Bhagiani or a Govinda film out.

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  1. you really are coming out with some superb pieces buddy...need to concentrate more on the quality of my posts have got me thinking...good work.


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