Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The fall and fall of Pakistan

As we move towards the G20 summit we have a grave problem at our hands.The existence of pakistan as a state.What is pakistan as a state trying to do.Let me go through the sequence of events that has led to this pathetic conditions.First was the toppling of the democracy led by Nawaz Sharif.While the former president was on flight under his nose his government had been overthrown and the Musharaff era had begun.He brought in the military rule.From there on the real downfall of Pakistan as state began.Nothing went right from there.He stoped free elections converting himself from a General to a dictator.But only this dictator was not as strong as people thought.He was a pupppet in the hands of Taliban.He was sandwidched between the Taliban and the U.S..

Then under extreme pessure he had to give up his regime.But he made sure that the right person,Benazir Bhutto didnot come to power.Her husband Zardari took power and he also like other ministers didnot last long.Back came Mr. Nawaz Sharif who was on exile and started the long march to throw away the government(dont know why the elections are held).At the same moment days after a terrorist attack on a mosque .The police training centre was attacked.All this has a grave effect on Indians and their neighbours alike.With no end to this mockery of democracy insight,its time that India took some strong military actions,because already India has been attacked numerous times at multiple locations.This is not doing any good to national security.I think that this year the General Elections campaigning would be a lot easier.One just has to promote an attack to Pakistan that's it.Ultimately you have the people's vote .Instead of beating around the bush holding talks,meetings,faking mobilization of the army,take the initiative like Israel and attack.I am sure that the Indian army is capable enough to conquer the Pakistanis.

Because this is the limit we have had enough.Lets not hide behind the lame excuse of recession and not do what we have to do in proper time.This is the time attack Pakistan and let that be a statement to both U.S. and China that India has arrived,who under the veil of friendship supports vehemently the Pakistani armed forces.

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