Monday, April 6, 2009


The recent bomb blasts in Assam has proved one thing that India is not liked by any of thier neighbours.India still is being diplomatic about anything and everything.I think India now has to take a stand.A stand against cross border terrorism,against infiltration,against our neighbours,against Pakistan.In the past one year how many times have we heard about bomb attacks,suicide bombers etc.We have heard it so many times on the news that now we dont even care.We are now so used to such things that we flip news channels when we hear such things.I think its time our so called vote friendly stopped giving subsidaries,false promises,and ensuring free T.V sets to voters.Instead its time to become bold.I think a strong concentrated military attack should do the needful.Our forces are ready.They have taken this for too long.Its time we show our prowess and pickup Islamabad.Its time we stopped thinking short term.Its time we stopped hiding behind the fake lame excuse of recession.Because once its done we can have much safer place to live in .Still so many Indian soldiers die just because of cross border terrrorism.They now know that India are not going to attack,and with this confidence they kill with gay abandon.
Taking a cue from the attacks on Hamas by ISarael.Just look at the country and the resilience shown by it.Israel is a country which is surrounded by the Arab League.Once it was even attacked from all its sides ,still is had the guts to stand up to them and fight for something that was rightfully or wrongfully theirs.The whole world knows about the terrorist activities that take place in Hamas.So Israel took the initiative and went for an all out air strikes which crippled Hamas to the core.They didnot listen to the U.N.,not even providing them with the facility to transport food and medical aid to the needy in Hamas.Such bottleneck was created by Israel.People may say that it was politically motivated ,but at least it had a motive ,it had decision and it had action without any excuses.Ther were no threats,no talks,no sittings.That should be the mode of operation that India should follow.Has India not talked enough,sat enough,threatened enough.Its time that U.N. goes to hell and take some serious military action against erring nations.Then and then only will the terrorism will take India seriously.Otherwise now we have people threatening to kill ministers,netas,beauracrats and I dont know who.

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  1. people like u in are a must need in the indian militarys think tank. i only hope that this aggresion of yours towards terrorism has nothing to do with your rejection by indian army .btw keep the good posts coming.


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