Tuesday, September 28, 2010


(Was thinking about writing 10 but could not think of 3 more stupid reasons) 

An empty bottle as most might think is not as useless as it may seem. It has its own specialities some which could simply touch your soul. Here I mention some of the most relevant uses of an empty bottle of water ( not to get too excited about) that even the empty bottle may not have thought about.

  1. Make funny noises by rubbing your fingers on it.
  2. Make funny noises by blowing air into it.
  3. Place the bottle carefully in your palm, aim at the closest person seen and throw hard at him. Due to the emptiness in the bottle it would not travel far or hit hard but atleast you will have the satisfaction of throwing it.
  4. Fill half of it with water and ask people stupid questions like what do you see in this bottle. Expect to hear some even stupider answers like it is half full or half empty. And then bore others by saying it all depends upon perception as to who is an optimist and who is a pessimist. While maintaining all this time a look that puts even Einstein' s look after the nobel prize to shame.
  5. Put very little water in it. And then put it out in the sun.Then wait for a crow or something to come and try drinking water from .IF the bloody crow puts dirty pebbles in it and then dies of diahorrea or dysentry or even bird flu, then go on lecturing about the land pollution, the crows getting affected due to it, the nature getting even with us etc etc.
  6. Sell it your nearest junk dealer and argue for half an hour over a very very small amount of money and if you have succeeded in getting your side of your deal, Give  a GORDON gekko kind of a look on your face.
  7. Fill with pure water and go on lecturing about how u need to drink more than 5 litres a day to be healthy how water mobilizes you, is good for digestion, for heart, for kidney and things alike.


  1. If you let your imagination go wild, you can collect all those bottles and make a raft and sail the seven seas. Hi, just blog hopping, thanks for visiting my site, please do visit again.

  2. When are we leaving..in that raft i mean!

    Oh, I used to make bong out of bottle! after that it's all heaven!

    Welcome to the Procrastinating/Jobless fellows Club!

  3. mine friend told me to visit ur site i am happy that i accept his advice nice articles with good informations

  4. @CAhxor U mean submarine to be precise


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