Friday, April 16, 2010


How to become a beggar in 10 easy ways:

1. Buy a stake in the Indian football clubs in the ONGC-I league. It’s a great way to lose money.

2. Try buying the stocks listed on the Economic Times. They are good at convincing you to throw your money.

3. Do an MBA from any damn college in India, they charge high but give nothing in return.

4. Try betting on the Indian cricket team for the next April’s T20 World Cup.

5. Turn into an all vegetarian diet, the foodflation is such you are bound to lose a lot of liquidity in liquidizing your stomach.

6. Start your mobile phone company you will be crushed under the competition.

7. Try selling original software in the Indian market.

8. Join Kapil Dev’s ICL.

9. Set up a turn key project in Bihar, boy that sure is gonna succeed.

10. Bet all your money on this blog hitting the 1000 mark in the next fiscal year.

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