Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Dreams a path to reality,
Reality a path of Agony,
Agony a path to pleasure,
Pleasure the ultimate treasure.

Walk the life uncared,
Care the most scarred,
Pain when it rains,
Rains when it pains.

Track your moves,
Move your tracks,
Get into the grooves,
Groove into the hooves.

Life gets sick,
Its easy to pick,
The ultimate niceties,
But pick the vagaries.

Dream on,
Until dawn,
Wake the soul,
Let the body full.

Your heart like blood,
Water like the flood,
Sling the mud,
Damn this world.

Sorry for the agony you might have gone through but this piece of crap was test of my poetry skills written at one shot without any sense, stop , revision, just all the English you bloody know at one go.

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